How Helping Hands Has Changed Our Lives

My sweet daughter, Claire was diagnosed at the age of 3 with Autism. She is non-verbal and struggles with transition and some motor skills. For the past couple of years we have had her in different types of therapy. We saw very little progress in her behavior and her ability to communicate with us but academically, she was soaring. I knew that for us to continue pulling that out of her I had to find someone to help us with the other areas she struggled with. That is when we found Helping Hands in November of 2013. The moment I walked in to speak with Vargas, I knew that was where Claire belonged. I immediately felt the love and passion he had for the children he was helping. He listened to everything I had to say about Claire and was not intimidated about the challenges we were faced with. He was excited and confident that they could help us.

Within weeks of attending Helping Hands Claire was showing progress. She was able to transition from one activity to the next without a meltdown and she started making eye contact when you talked to her. Talk about a huge change! Claire would rarely look at you when you called her name. You can only imagine what I felt the first time she looked at me and locked eyes for more than a second. A memory I will never forget! She now will sit and engage with you when you read her a story or during imagination play, she follows instructions, she tries to interact with other children and she’s sighing words! The excitement she shows as we pull up to helping hands is a testament of the impact they have made on my child.

We are beyond thankful for the impact they have made on Claire and how helping her has improved her quality of life tremendously. We will forever be grateful for Vargas and his Team at Helping Hands.

~ Jennifer Lipe